Poodle pups due May 30th 2024

Puppies Available

The next new litter of Miniature Poodle babies, are due to be born on May 30th 2024.  These puppies are out of my favorite pair, Buffy and Pierre. Buffy is an Apricot and is 11 inches tall and 11 pounds and Pierre is a Red and is 11 inches tall and 8 pounds.  Both of them are just amazing poodles with the best dispositions and oh, so smart.  They are both my personal favorites and the one poodles that I breed any more. I have  been raising poodles for over 53 years and this pair are among the best .Both Buffy and Pierre, have been screened for Genetic Defects and Buffy came back 100% clear and Pierre does have one Gene that as long as you don’t double up on it, it won’t have any effect on the offspring. So, if you were planning on purchasing a puppy for breeding, you would want to be sure that you had the mate screened for the Gene ahead of time as to not double up on this gene.   Even though they are both considered Miniatures, Pierre is tinier framed than Buffy and sometimes will produce smaller than himself, so sometimes we will get one that is actually considered a Toy, since they are just about borderline Toy/ Miniature.  If you are interested in one of these cuties, I suggest that you call or text me 302 535-1541, at the last of May to be put on the waiting list. I do not take deposits before the puppies are about a week old but I will call or text people on a first call/text basis.  The puppies will be $1200 and a $200 deposit will reserve the puppy until it is ready to go home; usually at 8 weeks old.