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Mike and Diane

THE HAPPY WOOFER is the home of your next healthy, happy, well-adjusted little puppy. We, Mike and Diane Sponaugle, are the owners of this fine establishment. Being in the pet industry for all of our over 60 years, we feel that we have the knowledge to raise your next puppy and the love for the dogs help us to do the job properly. In a farm setting of 25 acres, we and our animals have ample of room to play and enjoy one another’s company. Besides the dogs, we enjoy our goats, chickens, ponies, horses, alpaca, kitties, potbellied pig, donkeys, emus, sheep, turkey, ducks, and cows.

Our location is a very clean and healthy environment that we have established for the enjoyment of our dogs and your next little puppy. All of the love that is poured into these dogs and their care will surely reflect on their health and happiness when you take your puppy home.

Please browse our website and read our testimonials that we update continually. These testimonials are a great way for you to get a feel of what others thought of our kennel and their experience.

After Diane dealt with cancer and treatments in 2018, we decided to downscale. So, if you have been watching our website for some time or know of someone that got a puppy from us, you will notice that we do not have as many breeds as we did. We apologize for having to downsize but for the welfare of our dogs and ourselves, we had to make this adjustment. Enjoy the breeds that we did keep, as they are Diane’s favorite breeds; especially the poodle.