About "The Happy Woofer"

THE HAPPY WOOFER is the home of your next healthy, happy, well-adjusted little puppy. We, Mike and Diane Sponaugle, are the owners of this fine establishment. Being in the pet industry for all of our over 60 years, we feel that we have the knowledge to raise your next puppy and the love for the dogs help us to do the job properly. In a farm setting of 25 acres, we and our animals have ample of room to play and enjoy one another’s company. Besides the dogs, we enjoy our goats, chickens, ponies, horses, alpaca, kitties, potbellied pig, donkeys, emus, sheep, turkey, ducks and cows.

Please browse our website and read our testimonials. These testimonials are a great way for you to get a feel of what others thought of our kennel and their experience.

After 2018, Diane dealing with cancer and treatments, we have decided to downsize. So, if you have been watching our website for some time or know of someone that got a puppy from us, you will notice that we do not have as many breeds as we did. We apologize for having to downsize but for the welfare of our dogs and ourselves, we have had to make this adjustment.  We did keep Diane’s favorite breeds;  the Poodle and the Vizslas. The Poodles and Vizslas are both ranked as being one of the more intelligent dogs and if you haven't heard of a Vizsla, they are a breed that you really want to research. 

Appointments are required - please call (302) 566-1010 or text (302) 535-1541 to make an appointment to come to see the puppy that you have chosen from our "Puppies" Link.


Our Experience

We hope that you have been able to find any information about us and our dogs that you might need to choose the right puppy for you. My wife and I have been involved with animals for most of our lives.

My wife, Diane, has been breeding dogs for around 48 years. Her experience with dogs has enabled us to specially choose each and every one of dams and sires for their individual personalities and breed characteristics. We are very proud of not only the quality of the pups but also the state of the art facility we have for our dogs to live in. Each of our animals is our pets. We know their names, their likes and dislikes and each are played with daily.

The Happy Woofer feels that healthy happy parents make happy healthy puppies. The Happy Woofer, specializes in Poodle, YorkiPoo, Chonzer, Papipoo, Schnoodle, Vizsla, Yorkshire Terrier and WestiPoo breeds.

We know that choosing a puppy is a life time commitment not only in the monetary sense but also a commitment of the heart so we hope to provide a puppy of the highest standards so that you can enjoy each other for a long time. If you have any questions about The Happy Woofer, our dogs or up coming litters please contact us with an e-mail and we will get back to you. (If you would prefer we call you please include your phone number.) Thank you for visiting our web site thehappywoofer.com.

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