Our Guarantee

This puppy is sold as a companion animal and pet. The Happy Woofer does not guarantee the puppy for the purchase of breeding or showing and cannot guarantee the size, weight or other breed characteristics of the adult dog.

Puppies are guaranteed to be in good health, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of sale. The Buyer must have this puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours from the date of the purchase, excluding Sat. & Sun. If the veterinarian finds a serious problem with the puppy within this 72 hours, the buyer must contact the seller immediately. Serious ailments would be something that is life-threatening to the puppy or an ailment that would make living with the puppy difficult. Undescended testicles, Umbilical or Inguinal Hernias and Cherry Eye are not included as serious ailments and are not covered. Grade I & II Heart Murmurs are considered normal and within acceptable limits in young and toy dogs, and will usually resolve. Sarcoptic mange and localized demodicosis must be diagnosed and reported to the seller within 10 days of purchase and the seller will provide medications to care for the puppy. Other illnesses, such as, coccidiosis, internal or external parasites, kennel cough, etc. are not covered in this warranty as they are common among animals.

The seller asks that if any of these illnesses were to occur, or the veterinarian makes the buyer aware of a problem, that the buyer notify the seller. If it is something that the seller is familiar with, the seller may opt to dispense the proper medication for the puppy, replace the puppy, or take it back to the kennel and return it to the buyer in good health within thirty (30) days. The seller, under any condition, will not pay veterinarians fees. If the puppy expires from distemper, parvo, corona, hepatitis or leptospirosis within 10 days from the date of purchase, seller will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal value. The buyer must produce vaccination records from their veterinarian and up-to-date vaccination records or the warranty is void. The selection of a replacement puppy must be made within 6 months of the buyers claim.

The seller asks that any congenital or hereditary defects be brought to their attention. These defects can vary in severity and may be life threatening or may be a small inconvenience. Therefore they will be dealt with on a basis by basis situation. Because there are so many known hereditary and congenital defects that are specific to each breed; each and every one can not be mentioned on this guarantee. The puppy is guaranteed until one year of age against genetic/congenital defects which would cause death or the need to be humanely destroyed. In such an unlikely case, a written veterinarian report, with autopsy if necessary, must be submitted in writing and signed by a licensed veterinarian. The puppy will be replaced or the purchase price will be returned at the seller’s sole discretion.

Purchaser understands & agrees to the above contract and acknowledges that there are no unwritten terms.